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Outreach Focus

Our outreach activities are focused in two areas: 

1) Engagement, Recruitment, and Retention of women in STEM
2) Science Communication with the Public.

Outreach to Women for STEM

Need: While we want to encourage all underrepresented groups to consider careers in STEM, we focus our efforts specifically on the largest of these underrepresented groups: Women.

The Blenner Research Group is 50% women, and overall, we are passionate about outreach, as several graduate and undergraduate students participate and help develop outreach activities. 

We have developed the following programs for larger outreach efforts organized by the Office for Women in Science & Engineering (WISE):

Girl Scout Engineering & Science Day (Annually in February)

Project WISE Camp for Middle School Girls (Annually in June)

We have also started working with the Life Science Outreach Center at Clemson University for:

Biotechnology, Health and Society - A Camp for High School students (Annually in July)

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